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Je suis tombé sur cet article du blog ChrisGoesRock quelques jours avant qu'il ne prenne une débarque.
Un autre groupe hard rock Québécois oublié chantant en anglais ,tout comme Ellison,Sex ou Expedition,a l'époque ou Charlebois dominait la scene rock d'ici et ou Dionysos et Offenbach tentaient de se tailler une place...
Drole de période entre la profusion de groupes yéyés et l'avalanche de groupes apparus a la suite de Beau Dommage et Harmonium...

Blind Ravage - S/T (Great Canadian Hardrock 1971) New window
Date: Sunday, 25 Jan 2009 10:02
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Great fuzzed out 1971 LP from this Quebec band. The above album by this Montreal, Quebec-based hard rock band with psychedelic overtones and some excellent guitar work is highly-rated. Apart from the Hawkins-Lewis-Broadwater composition, Susie Q, all the tracks on the album are originals. Only problem is that musically it lacks diversity, but the final two tracks, Disaster and Loser catch the ear.

Charbonneau, born in Riguad, Quebec, on 16th March 1947 was something of a multi-instrumentalist. He first played music at the age of 7 and can play piano, bass, mouth organ and guitar. Their organist, Serge Fleury, born in September 1944 in a Montreal University, was a music professor at a Montreal high school for four years, prior to joining the band. Bassist Robert Dufour was the band's main songwriter (though most of them were co-written with Charbonneau).

He was born in Chomeday, Quebec, in November 1940 and played mouth organ and guitar too. Finally, drummer Andre Deguire was born in Montreal in March 1948. Prior to joining Blind Ravage, he'd done session drumming for several top acts. He also wrote My Life, which figured on their sole 45.

01. Susie-Q
02. Tousaw
03. Friday Fish
04. Prodigal
05. My Life
06. Strange Power
07. Cement Jungle
08. Ruins
09. Disaster
10. Loser

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